Storytelling: The First Haircut

Storytelling: The First Haircut

Documentary photography is one of those things that even I find hard to define, especially for clients. I want them to be as obsessed with candid photography as I am. But sometimes, people just are looking for a family photo. What if you have your family photo for the Christmas card? What next? Too often I see people looking for a photographer for those huge or annual milestone. Spring photos, fall photos, Holiday card photos, rinse and repeat. How much of the little moments are we being missed? Sure, we all take photos on our phone. If you are printing your phone photos and creating art to cover your walls and books to cover your coffee table you are 1. doing it right (pat yourself on the back and 2. an amazing unicorn who is the exception to the rule.

Life is passing us by as we stand behind cell phone cameras. Have you ever thought of hiring a photographer for Saturday game night or Taco Tuesday? Ridiculous right? Or maybe not… What is a huge milestone to you? A first birthday or a sixth birthday? The day your child gets a big kid bed or that first haircut are fleeting moments in life. I wanted to share these images from my own daughter’s first haircut. I had a pretty deep attachment to her long locks and this was a milestone for sure.

First, I took the hair, attached to little M, out for a photoshoot.


My hubs and I decided we both wanted to go for this haircut. I was not sure how I would feel. I knew that I had to bring my camera because there would never be a haircut of her baby hair ever again. We went to Sweet & Sassy which is like the Disney World of hair salons. This Center Valley location has a pink limo to drive kids around in during parties. Unfortunately (for me) my daughter saw this and is planning a very large 4th birthday revolving entirely around this place.

The wonderful woman who cut little Ms hair was excellent. I only forgot to breathe for a moment when I saw all the hair on the floor.

Once all the hair way gone little M received both glitter hair spray and cupcake scented spray because, why not? She had asked me for this haircut for weeks and she was expecting the full Sweet & Sassy experience.

After a little extra glitter in the form of a glitter tattoo, she was done. Daddy offered to take her for a Starbucks treat.

So it was done. One haircut, several sprays of glitter, and a Frappucccino later she had said goodbye to her baby hair. She also had gotten another major womanly milestone of out the way. The ceremonial milestone of getting and growing out of bangs has begun.

I planned to do an EPIC shoot of the new haircut but instead was allowed to take about 5 photos in the sunset light of the window before my model demanded snacks.


This brings me to the why. Why choose to have photographs done during those ‘off times’? Why chose to have photographs done for milestones that you may not have considered milestones? I can’t imagine not having these photos of little M from before to after this haircut.

Ok, I have a camera and I take pictures so of course I photographed it. Slightly biased, but…

Had I not wanted to or was able to take these photos I can attest that I would 100% have hired a photographer for this. I am hopeful that clients who come to this page are looking for something more than their last photography experience. If you are looking to expand the possibilities of what photographers preserve please reach out to me!


Monique is a documentary photography who specializes in in-home and candid imagery. She is located in Emmaus, Pennsylvania and travel for services throughout the Lehigh Valley area and beyond.

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