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I am many things. I am a mom to little M and big M, a wife, a photographer, a chaser of light, a master of chaos and a lover of coffee. I pride myself in doing the laundry most of the time. My hobbies include over-planning family activities, binging true-life crime TV, starting many crafts (* note not finishing said crafts) and taking pictures. Yup, I am that mom, the one with her camera out at the weird places like Target or the Dentist. Come say hi to me, I promise I am super nice. I love sour patch kids and buffalo sauce and margaritas, although not all together. I was raised by a village, grandparents and aunts and uncles along with my mom. My grandfather loved taking photos and while he is no longer with me, the gabillions of photos he took certainly are. It took me years to realize that my passion for photography probably came from him, although posing for his photos drove me crazy at the time. 

I also love being able to photograph some amazing and humbling moments for my clients. I am passionate about providing a perfect experience whether this is your first time participating in candid imagery or your 20th time. My passion is for real, crazy, imperfect families doing whatever it takes to fill their homes with love. No matter if you are just starting a family or on your zillioneth little babe, the chaos that you live is beautiful. I hope that if you are even kinda sorta interested in having photos taken by me that you will call me or meet up with me. The way it feels to have documentary photography is like nothing you have experienced prior in your search for family photos. I am honored to be able to do what I do!


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